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Our CM system

Using the German Lloyd certified Condition Monitoring system, our Condition Monitoring concept is designed to continuously record measurement data from the drivetrain of your wind turbine. We evaluate this data using our comprehensive experience with the operational behavior and turbine design, as well as through equipment diagnosis.

We install our CM products as a turnkey package and leave you the choice of whether to purchase or lease them. Based on the data collected, we provide you with detailed diagnoses and recommend appropriate measures


We analyze the pulse

CM technology

Our CM system uses acceleration sensors to record vibrations in the form of structure-borne sound generated by the translational motion in the bearings and by the intermeshing of teeth in gearboxes. Particle counters and oil quality sensors in the oil circuit provide information on oil characteristics to the CM system in the nacelle. This information can be used to determine the condition of the mechanical components. It is therefore possible to identify the location of wear and degradation in bearings, gears and rotors at an early stage.

Based on our individual configuration, the raw data is stored in the CM system, and mathematical algorithms are then used to process them taking into account machine and operating data, kinematics, rotational speed, optional electric power output and wind speed.

But how does the measurement data
get from your turbine to us?

Our engineers receive the measurement data via modern secure VPN transfer for analysis on our CM server. From there, the data can be analyzed using special software.

The CM system becomes fully functional after an adjustment period of about two months, depending on wind conditions. During that period, it "learns" to differentiate between normal operational vibrations and oil characteristics, and those related to damage. This makes it possible to establish reasonable warning and alarm thresholds. The first deep analysis of the measurement data is performed as part of this.

A little effort for a strong impulse

Advantages of a CM system

Prevention is better than the cure – this well-known bit of wisdom goes right to the heart of our Condition Monitoring concept. As the owner/operator of a wind turbine, you have made a large investment that should provide you with good returns for several decades. But major damage and downtime can quickly slash those profits. So before it comes to that, it is better to act early and achieve maximum reliability with a minimum of effort..

A professional CM concept offers you many benefits:

  • Maintenance activities can be planned in advance.
  • Downtimes and operating costs are reduced by limiting the extent of damage.
  • You save time and stress by relying on an external partner who assumes responsibility for what happens to your installation.
  • You have dedicated equipment records across the lifecycle of the drivetrain, which strengthens your position, for example, in case of a dispute or insolvency of a manufacturer, service provider, etc.

Taken together, these factors guarantee higher return on investment from your wind turbine.