Knowing what's in the air

Company profile

Our services focus on the online monitoring of wind turbine drivetrains to the highest standards using our Condition Monitoring Center. We also offer our customers additional services for the prevention and diagnosis of damage, and for optimizing the performance of their wind turbines.

In doing so, we always strive to minimize the magnitude of technical abnormalities and downtime in order to improve safety, reliability and return on investment. That's our passion: keeping wind turbines in top form throughout their service life. Our inspiration derives from the vision of the "perpetuum mobile", the perpetual motion machine: a system that never stops once it has been set in motion.

Although this has been proven to be physically impossible, for centuries, scientists have tried to construct models to confirm the physical reality of the myth. Their enthusiasm and pursuit of perfection serve as a role model for us in our day-to-day work – naturally never losing sight of reality.

Our goal is always achieving the optimum for you and using our know-how to go to the limit of what is technically possible.