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Condition-based maintenance plays an important role wherever damage and the resulting downtime would cause tremendous financial losses if discovered too late. The condition monitoring of major industrial equipment has been established standard practice for quite some time.  

If your project involves drivetrains in important applications, we are your partner for reliable and inexpensive plant operation. To date, our Condition Monitoring (CM) Condition Monitoring (CM) concept has been used successfully on hundreds of machines. Numerous references testify to how this early warning system can be used to avoid heavy losses. In this way, our service pays for itself very quickly.

Have we discovered an abnormality in the operation of your machine or would you like us to take a closer look at the actual condition or damage? 

Our fields of expertise can provide you with services that complement and extend the work of our Monitoring Center team. However, those services can also be contracted from us independently, for example, inspection with a video endoscope.

The information from our services provides you with an even more detailed and comprehensive condition overview of your machinery construction.

With our ISO 9001 certified quality management system, we can guarantee you a consistently high level of quality.