We care, you save.

Our company philosophy

We want you to profit over the long term from your Investment - while avoiding losses and without unexpected or unnecessary costs. In view of the fact that modern, high-performance machines are importent cornerstones of your company, it is clear that damage and downtime can dramatically affect the revenue they generate.

So the task of ensuring smooth operation is a rewarding responsibility. And we are glad to take it on for you, according to our motto:

"We care, you save". We are ...

... independent
We provide you with technical assistance for equipment from all manufacturers. That means we are not only flexible and familiar with the requirements of different systems, but above all that we are also impartial in our technical assessments. So you can rest assured that our findings are strictly based on technical considerations.

... experienced
Over the course of nearly a decade of comprehensive activity, we have acquired a high level of expertise. In our life-cycle-management database system, we systematically assess the knowledge we acquire across a very large spectrum of plant and damage characteristics. In addition, we participate through institutions like VDI and DIN in expert meetings, committees, working groups and research projects. We engage in ongoing exchange with various academic institutions and industry, and work in close cooperation with many operators.

... knowledgeable
We are technological leaders and rely on state-of-the-art diagnostic procedures. Along with continuous online drivetrain condition monitoring by our engineers, we are also consulted for expert reports, inspections and advice. Our specialization makes us experts in our field, with extensive knowledge of installation and support requirements.